Coors Light

Owning a Clear Brand Position

Cold Activated Cans and Aluminum Pint innovation helped propel significant brand growth
What was the brief?

In 2005 Coors Light number was 4th in the US beer category and losing share. A new approach was needed to reverse trends on this iconic multi-billion pound business.

What was the solution?

Played a key role on the brand team to clarify brand positioning, drive package innovation, and leverage the important NFL sponsorship.

What happened next?

In 2008, finished second only to the Obama Presidential candidacy for marketing campaign of the year. Helped added hundreds of millions in revenue to the P&L while becoming the number two brand in America.

“Great balance of strategic thinking mixed with operating skill to deliver annual brand plans. An integral voice managing our NFL sponsorship and the iconic “NFL Coaches” Press Conference campaign.”

Mark Weslar – Brand Director, Coors Light