Building sustainable brands and communities

On-site planning the SOLARKIOSK launch in Luangwa Province, Zambia.
What was the brief?

Castle Lite is a growing brand across Africa with an emerging progressive identity. The goal here was to make a tangible impact on communities while exploring the role that Solar energy could play in the brand’s future.

What was the solution?

From the global centre at SABMiller we identified the German startup (SOLARKIOSK) as a potential partner. Through a series of chemistry meetings and negotiations we agreed to trial 3 SOLARKIOSK units in Africa in 2017.

Did you make a commercial impact?

Castle Lite sponsored 3 SOLARKIOSK launches in Zambia during Feb 2017. They have brought electricity off grid to communities in need while also helping to build the brand in this growth market.

“Excellent commercial partner, all the way from negotiation to implementation. Went the extra mile to make sure project was realised, coordinating across many parties local and global to deliver results.”

Virginia Taborda, Director of B2B Sales